I have over 11 years’ experience as a performing musician. I perform music of all styles/genres using a plethora of instruments and software tools. With my super-portable rig (consisting of my keyboard, keytar synthesizer, melodica, and laptop), I can play whatever you want, however you want, and where/whenever you need it. I’m your go-to musician for all occasions, settings, and demographics, and I’ve always got a few tricks up my sleeve to make for a unique and unforgettable performance.


I play for restaurants, hotels, weddings, banquets, parties, churches, camps, and generally all types of events. I play covers of popular songs from all genres/styles/time periods, to appeal to people of all demographics. Instrumental covers are my specialty (and they tend to be extremely effective in restaurant settings, where the dining experience is the focus and the music is just a background component) but I can also play and sing if it would be preferable (e.g., for events where the music is the center of attention). I also play melodica and synthesizer (keytar/vocoder), and I can combine all of these with top-line music software to play a variety of different instrument sounds and arrangements, including one-man-band performances.

If you’d like me to play for a private event such as a wedding or birthday party, we can communicate and develop a personalized setlist, and I can learn any songs you want me to if you give me enough notice. I don’t have a band of my own (yet!) but I work well with other musicians if you happen to be booking multiple instrumentalists or need a session musician, and I’d be happy to audition if you need a keyboardist for your band.

I also offer lessons in improvisational piano, as well as recording software training (Ableton Live 9/GarageBand).

Check out my portfolio for more information. Please submit all business inquiries via the form provided on the Contact page.